HiFi News Now! Audio Highlights For The Month Of June

HiFi News Now! Audio news highlights for June.

Hifi News Now drops an update. This June has been a fairly warm hotbed of headphone news this month. With the announcement of a hemp headphone from Grado Labs to the celebration of Sennheiser’s 75th anniversary, things don’t appear to be slowing down much in the way of product releases for the onset of summer.

This month’s video update of HiFi News Now! tells all. The embed above drops all the recent updates to the landscape, including the release of Schiit Audio‘s newest $200 DAC, which includes a AKM chipset and balanced analog outputs as a step up option to the wildly popular Modi and Mani Schiit stack range of desktop products.

Added news bonus: Auralic Updates The G2/GX Series, Vincent Audio Unveils A New Entry-Level Phono Pre, and Technics Reveals The SL-1210GAE Turntable And SU-R1000 Integrated.

You can also check out The Occasional Podcast for more worldwide news updates, including interviews with legendary audio designers and hifi makers.

Also, there is still time to register for a chance to win a pair of Polaris 2 IEMs from Campfire Audio, valued at $500. All you need is your email address, find the entry form on the microsite HERE.

This month we also laid down our impressions of the latest version of one of our favorite universal fit IEMs from Campfire Audio, the Andromeda 2020, in a recent post. The newest update to the classic is a “2020” designation and is part of a three product update to Campfire’s lineup of in-ear offerings.

There is still a lot of action happening in the field of play for audiophiles, even with current state of things wreaking havoc on a lot of supply chains and retailers in the space. It is good to see that the slowing pace hasn’t broken the product cycle for too many brands in the personal audio space or two channel. Happy listening this summer and stay safe!