Denon Keeps It Simple & Accessible With New Matching Amp, CD Player

Denon DCD-600NE CD player

There is an interesting draw to the upfront sensibilities of the integrated + CD Player combo for desktop or small stereo solutions. On the shelf, the matching duo provide a clean presentation that avoids much of the overcompensation look that follow big, gaudy pieces of audio jewelry. Denon has a powerful brand in the more mainstream space, but their new offerings announced this week might just work their way into a comfortable (albeit perhaps smaller) niche for the audiophile crowd.

The 600 series Integrated and matching CD player first and foremost are a serious budget option for those who like the look of separates, but don’t necessarily want to drop several grand on more of the traditional high end options (ATC also recently released a micro pair). The PMA-600NE Integrated Amplifier costs $399 and does a good job providing enough ins and outs for the modern digital audiophile. Specs for the digital section draw out compatibilities up to 24/192 for two optical inputs and one coaxial (no USB). Also featured on the back panel is one MM phono and five analog inputs.

Power for the amplifier section comes courtesy of Denon’s “Advanced High Current (AHC) single push-pull circuit power amplification technology, delivering 70 Watts of power-per-channel (4ohm, 1kHz, THD 0.7%, 2 channel)” according to the products press release. Bluetooth is also included for wireless options, but interestingly, can be shut off completely in the amplifiers “Analog Mode”. This switchable option even disengages the remaining digital inputs as well – an interesting proposal in a sea of interference-heavy waters.

Denon PMA 600NE Integrated Amplifier

A similar feature can be found in the DCD-600NE CD Player ($299). Along with Denon AL32 processing tech, the “Pure Direct Mode” deactivates the front display for promised gains in sound quality. Both products become available in September of this year.

More info: Denon USA