ZMF Headphones Announces The Flagship Atrium With Bio-Cellulose Drivers

ZMF Atrium Bio-Cellulose Driver Headphone

ZMF Headphones newest flagship headphone will be called the Atrium when it hits the market on April 1st. Utilizing the same bio-cellulose technology in a new driver, the ZMF Atrium also hints at more changes with an all new damping system and more open cup design.

Fans of the Chicago-based brand have been waiting more than a few years for a new product from ZMF. Built around a home-spun, collectable vibe, the brand has tweaked the formula for bespoke flavor with varying types of wood options and mix-and-match earpad options, creating substantial demand from a large swath of loyal followers. With the ZMF Atrium, the intent has grown even more elaborate. This time around, its not just a fine tuning of a new bio-cellulose driver the company has become known for, but also readjusting the damping measures around the cup. Anyone who has played around with absorption material in a DIY sense (or even just swapped out earpads) might know that subtle changes in this area can make for substantial augmentations in the way a headphone sounds. Like any treated acoustic room, being smart about the placement often yields more desirable results than just stuffing ever corner full of rockwool.

The wood cup options will be Cherry in “natural” or an aged copper finish for the standard release, accompanied by a very limited (40 total) run of Bubinga wood at launch. ZMF’s Auteur and Eikon models with be discontinued, with the auteur coming back as the “Auteur classic” by summer. This classic version will incorporate some slight driver adjustments and the new Atrium damping system.

Driver impedance is set at 300 ohms, and the standard Cherry release weighs in at 460g – which is actually quite middle of the road for your typical high end audiophile headphone. Pricing for the launch Atrium starts at $2,299 (usually $2,499) and goes up from there based on options and wood choice. You can see more details in the promotional video embedded below, more on the new damping system here, and the reservation page here.

More info: ZMF Atrium