Audio Technica Unveils 3 Wood-Based Audiophile Headphones – CES 2020

Audio Technica ATH-AWKT, ATH-AWAS, ATH-WP900 from CES 2020.

Japan-based Audio Technica usually has the largest lineup of new audiophile-oriented products set for CES, and this year is no exception. Among the laundry list of turntables, carts, mics and gaming headphones, a few interesting pieces have popped up. This includes three new wood-based hifi headphones (ATH-AWKT, ATH-AWAS, ATH-WP900) and a new True-Wireless IEM entry called the ATH-ANC300TW.

Audio Technica At CES 2020

I’m always a sucker for fine aesthetics paired with mature sonics. The over-ear audiophile track for 2020 includes housings made of Kokutan (striped ebony, $1,899), Asada Zakura (ironwood, $1,399) and flamed maple wood ($650). Insides are packed with a single large diameter dynamic driver and AT’s bass management system called D.A.D.S. (Double Air Damping System). All three headphones come with detachable cables in both the SE and balanced varieties.

On the high-end IEM front Audio Technica introduced the ATH-IEX1 ($1,200). The IEX1 also includes both SE and balanced connectors and makes its sweet melodies via a hybrid system with two dual phase dynamic drivers and two BA (balanced armature).

The ATH-AWKT, ATH-AWAS and ATH-WP900 headphones are due out in March of 2020, while the ATH-IEX1 should hit the streets this month.

True Wireless IEMs continue to expand in both their attempts at fidelity, but also for more market share though extended capabilities. The most expensive from AT in 2020 will be the ATH-ANC300TW ($249, available “spring” 2020) and include active noise cancelling, multiple mics for capturing ambient noise, BT 5.0 and hear-through functionality.

Tangentially, the ATH-CKS5TW and ATH-CK3TW will duke it out for the just-over-$100 market at $169.00 and $119.00 – both currently available for purchase.

And finally for those who refuse to work out with either a watch, phone or DAP, Audio Technica is working on new “sport” listening option that includes an on-board 4GB music player for $159 called the SonicSport ATH-SPORT90BT. The device can also pair to another source via Bluetooth and is due out in Spring of 2020.