JBL Introduces The L82 Classic Bookshelf – CES 2020

JBL L82 Classic Bookshelf Loudspeaker from CES 2020

The retro look in JBL’s Classic Loudspeaker series may be polarizing for some, a full pull on the nostalgic heart strings for others. Following in the wake of the L100 3-way, JBL has officially launched the L82 Classic Bookshelf Loudspeaker at CES 2020.

The smaller footprint of the new bookshelf speaker moves the acoustic design to a 2-way but retains the same 1-inch titanium down tweeter of its bigger brother. The L82 Classic also reduces the woofer to 8 inches (down from the L100’s twelve) and includes a front panel High Frequency attenuator, for those so inclined. The panel of the speaker is also graced by a front-firing “Slipstream” port.

Perhaps the most standout feature of the speaker (in a sea of audiophile grey and silver) is the vintage Quadrex foam grill which comes in three color options – orange, blue or black. The casework is a satin walnut wood veneer which can be positioned vertically or horizontally to accommodate your preference or space allocation.

I’ve heard the L100 at audio shows and CES in previous years, but I was always impressed with the vintage looks that have slowly burrowed their way into other releases in the past few year. The orange is obviously a standout, but like the L100, the L82 can be dulled down to a black if flashy isn’t your thing.

The smaller size is also a welcome change, even in the vein of consumer-based 1970 L100 inspired by the JBL 4310 Pro Studio Monitor. The 18.61″ x 11.06″ x 11.65″ size will likely keep it off any desktop, but proper stand mounting or monitor arrangements will make the most of the space in your studio, office, bedroom or space-heated garage.

The JBL L82 Classic Loudspeaker will retail for $2,500 a pair when they become available in April of 2020. Matching stands will run you $250/pair and additional grille colors $199/pair.

More info: https://www.jblsynthesis.com