An Interview With Rich Grado From Grado Labs

Grado Labs

Whether you know the name Grado from its turntable cartridges or their iconic open back headphones, one thing is for sure – the Brooklyn-based company has left its mark on hifi over the years. This week on The Occasional Podcast, Rich Grado from the Grado Labs team sits down to talk about how the company has evolved with the changing landscape and what it was like growing up Grado.

From the open-back SR-80 headphone to the new wireless GT220 in ears, Grado Labs is expanding its reach to accommodate the changing times. They also now offer things direct from their retail site, along with a dealer network to get in-person auditions of their personal audio products.

The SR80 was itself the first headphone this reviewer ever purchased, and is so for many others – acting as a gateway device for many into the hobby. The focused brand has successfully straddled its success in between the mainstream and audiophile core over the years in more than a few different ways.

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