An Interview With Mike Moffat Of Schiit Audio And Theta Digital

Mike Moffat of Schiit Audio and Theta Digital.

Mike Moffat has led an interesting life. A creator of some of the first external DACs back in the early 90s, Mike found yet another wave of success in hifi as co-founder of Schiit Audio in 2010. Since then, the budget-conscious brand has become the favorite recommendation for entry level audiophiles with its $99 devices, all the way up to its flagship custom multi-bit products.

In the Season 5 premier of The Occasional Podcast Scot Hull of PartTimeAudiophile helps kick off 2021 with a few audio tips, followed by an in depth interview with Mike Moffat. Mike’s conversation leads us down a path that gives a bit more background on the man who usually delivers on presentation (and humor) at audio shows and public appearances. A person who is not afraid to host an audio show panel all by himself, even without a moderator (pictured above). He is a rare personality that holds the talent to design great audio, but also educate and entertain when the moment calls for it. His love for music appears to drive much of his ambition for being a “maker of toys”, keeping active in the hobby for many years – something that holds him close within the dwindling ranks of audiophile icons still designing new gear into the market. In the case of Schiit, the big boy toys have penetrated the elusive ethos of a digital playground with highly relevant and accessible options to an ever evolving headphone/desktop/speaker hobby.

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