An Interview With Christopher Hildebrand Of Fern And Roby

Fern and Roby Turntable

Christopher Hildebrand is the driving force behind Tektonics Design Group who helps design and construct products from furniture to audio components. His partnerships incorporate a growing list of companies including the brass speaker driver baskets in Devore’s latest creation to industrial design with LTA amplifiers. His own audiophile brand Fern And Roby has been making the rounds within the show circuit for a few years now, with products that draw heavily from a sense of artisanal craftsmanship with a twist of industrial flair.

Christopher Hildebrand
Christopher Hildebrand with the Fern and Roby Tower Speakers

Christopher recently sat down with The Occasional Podcast to chat about his take on the manufacturing process, among other things. It’s an interesting look at audio fabrication, and a breath of fresh artisan air from much of the disposable consumerism that plagues much of the “new iPhone every year” mentality. You can check out the whole conversation on our sister site PartTimeAudiophile here: