Amphion Bridges The Gap Between HiFi and Pro Loudspeakers – RMAF 2018

There are a few companies from the other side of the valley that share that common love of music and music production with the high fidelity world. I was introduced to Amphion Loudspeakers at Rocky Mountain Audiofest this year and the experience makes me wish more companies would make that leap.

The Amphion’s product range is deep, with home products squarely targeted for consumption and a separate monitor vertical keyed into production. For the home, the offerings are broken out into Helium and Argon lines with the 3-way Krypton3 floor stander topping out the range at $18.6k, which was just being tapped at the time I walked into the room Sunday morning.

Settling into a unique setlist of hiphop (intertwined with audiophile favorites) the low-end control partnered with dynamic mids of the Krypton3 spun up in the 8th floor room at the Marriott Tech Centered really broke through much of the clutter from the day’s stream of loudspeaker listening. Attendees were even treated to a track by Lil Wayne that was actually mixed on Amphion loudspeakers in the studio. It was made obvious in these demos that the low end reach of the Krypton3 is a force to be reckoned with, but never crowded the space it occupied with a 9.5″ by 18.5″ footprint. The vented design utilizes two isolated 8″ paper-papyrus transducers for mids alongs with a 10″ aluminum woofer for the low end. The 1″ tweeter assembly is titanium and provided plenty of top end air and breath to the presentation.

Partnered with fellow valley-straddler Benchmark, the setup was powerful but simple with two AHB2 power amps in mono configuration plugged into the new LA4 line amplifier sourced from their DAC3 B. The overall tonal tapestry was extremely detailed without being overly analytical – a testament to good design and gear that has a tendency to measure very well.

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