A Chip Off The Ol’ Butcherblock – RMAF 2018

Its not all speakers, headphones and components at audio shows. There are tons of interesting accessories to add to your inventory and even some music sold once and a while. In an effort to diversify the news reel from Rocky Mountain Audiofest, we sought out a few more fringe stories from the marketplace and found ourselves staring squarely at Butcher Block Acoustics.

It should be known that we have a special place in our heart for artisan expressions of the world’s most primal material. Beautiful polished woodgrain banisters and immaculate hardwood floors are all game as much as traditional carved statues are in our minds. So for those that would like to easily add a little more maple or walnut to their rig, look no further than Butcherblock acoustics.

On display at the show company founder Jim Whithorne had a wide selection of walnut and maple slabs perfect for any turntable execution. The platforms can be outfitted with optional anti-vibration feet/pads/spikes for moving or dissipating vibrations on either top or bottom ends. And while most any component could fit on one of Jim’s blocks, he is currently in the works to widen the line to other options like amplifier stands (to help get those monos off the floor) and wall treatments.

The end grain walnut platform at his booth in the marketplace was very heavy to lift and felt sturdy as she gets for any rack-alicious injection of texture and woodsy contrast. All fun stuff if you are looking to spruce up your scene from the metal, black & sliver mainstays of audiophile industrial design.