An Audiophile’s Black Friday Guide

This post has an update for 2019, check out all the holiday promotions for this year here.

Black Friday is fast approaching and with all the tech buying guides and holiday spending going on I thought it would be worthwhile to put together a black friday guide for the audiophiles.  This is very much still a work in progress and I will continue to add in new offers as they become available.  Please feel free to let me know if you see anything else of interest in the comments section.

So without further ado, here’s a guide to the best way to separate yourself from your money this Friday.

JH Audio – 20% off

From the JH Audio Facebook page: “Don’t miss our Black Friday Sale! Get 20% off custom in-ear monitors including the brand new custom Roxanne from November 29 – December 2.” The 20% off does not include amplifiers from the company. More details on the discount are available on the JH Audio page.

ALO Pan Am Tube Amplifier and USB DAC

ALO Audio

The Pan Am will be 15% off. The current retail price is $499.00 without an external power supply. The black friday discount should bring it down to around $425.

ALO is also giving away a free Green Line Mini-to-Mini or LOD with the purchase of the Mk3, National or (my favorite) the International.

[Audio-Head review of the Pan Am]

Noble Audio – 20% off

Noble is offering a 72-hour window to participate in their black friday offering. All IEMs including customs will be 20% off. Noble is also taking the opportunity to launch their new line of universal IEMs in a series of 3, 4, 5, and 6 driver configurations. Their new launch website will have a countdown timer in case you are curious as to how much time you have left to partake.

Zu Audio – Peachtree Decco 65 Package for $2k

Sean and the Zu boys have a dandy of an offer running for black friday. The killer entry-level Omens, a Peachtree Decco 65 integrated amplifier and a set of Mission Loudspeaker cables for $2,000. That’s pretty much everything you’ll need to get rockin’ in no time. The Omens can be ordered in standard ghost black, red, blue or natural finishes. Honey Walnut is an extra $200. This little package is a excellent way to jump into the hobby, all for less than the price of an upscale DAC (that will probably only last you a few years anyways). Zu is also offering free finish upgrades on its Soul Supreme and Druid Mk.V models for the month of November ($1k savings).

Ultimate Ears – 20% off and a chance to win a AK120

From the UE Facebook page: “Wednesday at 9am PST we are offering 20% off of any UE Custom online purchase through Friday at 11:59pm PST. In addition, the first order after 9:00 am PST each day will be eligible to receive an Astell&Kern AK120 High Fidelity Music Player. The winners will be announced on Monday December 2nd.” This offer is only available for US purchases.

PeachTree – 10% off nova125, decco65 and DACiTx

PeachTree Audio will be hosting a few Black Friday discounts of their own this week. 10% off the PeachTree Nova125 and Decco65 integrateds as well as the companies’ DACiTx (normally $500). In addition to the Black Friday specials, Peachtree currently has a special running for the novaPre and Peachtree220 separates for $1,698 (down from $2,398).

SVS Audio – PB12-NSD Subwoofer $699

Subwoofer company SVS is offering a discount on their popular PB12-NSD subwoofer at $699 (normally $769). The also have a stocking stuffer option for those of you with close neighbors, the SoundPath Subwoofer Isolation system pictured above runs $49.99.

1964 Ears – 15% off the V6 or V6-Stage CIEM

The IEM company 1964 Ears is offering 15% off their flagship V6 and new V6-Stage customs. Check out a full review of the V6 [here].

Double Helix Cables – 15%-20% off

Hand-made cable company Double Helix has 15% or more off of a significant chunk of their inventory. Also up to 20% off on some of their highest selling headphone and interconnect cables. A larger breakdown of the deals are available in the link below. – 10% off all music

For all you vinyl lovers out there, 10% off all music at SoundStageDirect. Just enter the coupon code: LP10

Elusive Disc – 10% – 15% off & Free Shipping

Online retailer is offering 10%-15% off depending on your spend level. Also free shipping with orders over $99.

Audioquest Dragonfly DAC with Laptop

AudioQuest Dragonfly – $100 

The highly regarded original USB-stick DAC is currently only a single bill on Amazon, down from a $250 starting price!

On Amazon:

[AudioHead Review of the Dragonfly]

KEF Direct – Sale Pricing and Free Pair of M200s with purchases of $1k or more.

British loudspeaker manufacture has special pricing available on some its bookshelf and home theater inventory. Starting today they are also offering a free pair of the company’s new M200 in ear headphone ($200 value) on any purchases of $1k or more. Check the link below for a full breakout of the pricing and products.

Audeze Headphones – LCD-2 20% off

Audeze has a rare price reduction for the LCD-2 only.  20% off the landmark planar magnetic headphone in either Rosewood ($916) or Bamboo ($796).

BottleHead DIY Headphone Amplifier Kits – 15% Off

Bottlehead is primarily known for supplying all the necessary parts for you to create your own component of choice, Do-It-Yourself style. They sell their parts in the form of a flushed out kit complete with instructions and upgrade options. The Black Friday Deal is 15% off most inventory, including the popular BottleHead Crack OTL headphone amplifier (don’t forget the speedball upgrade).

HiFiMan – $100 off HE-400 and HE-300

HifiMan is offering their popular entry-level planar magnetic and dynamic driver headphones at a $100 off for the holiday. This brings the HE-400 down to $300 and the HE-300 to $150.

Outlaw Audio – Sale Pricing

Everyone’s favorite budget amplifier company is hosting some Black Friday deals of its own. Too many individual prices to list here, so feel free to check out the link below. Free shipping on all Black Friday deals as well!

[Outlaw Audio’s Black Friday Email]

HeadAmp – Free Shipping and Sale Prices

HeadAmp hasn’t come completely clean with exactly what is to be on sale, but the site encourages you to “Check back on Black Friday for a fantastic deal on the HiFiMAN HE-400 as well as rare sale prices on the Sennheiser HD600, HD650, HD800, and Momentum.” HeadAmp will also be selling the HE-400 and HE-300 for $100 off.

Sennheiser – Sale Prices

As mentioned above, Sennheiser usually does some fairly good sale pricing on and around the holidays. Currently a deep discount is available for the HD-700 ($650).

HD-700 on Amazon:

RazorDog Audio – 20% off and Sale Prices

From the RazorDog Facebook Page: “1. HE-400 $299 from Friday thru Cyber Monday  2.Code RAZORDOG20 saves 20% on most items over $249 including HD 600 and HD 650  3.Beyerdynamic T5P – $500 OFF BRAND NEW with code T5P  4. 20% OFF KEF M500 with code RAZORDOG20  5.AKG K712 PRO for $375 with code RAZOR712  6.Beyerdynamic T1 for $950 with code BEYERT1”

Music Direct – 10% off Music & Accessories, Sale Prices

America’s largest online audio retailer is currently offering a “countdown to black friday” offer of 10% off music and accessories and free shipping on orders over $99 on its website with the code: BF10

UPDATE: Music Direct is also offering Black Friday specials on several additional products.  Check out the long list from the link below.

Wharfedale Diamond Series Loudspeakers – Sale Pricing

From Wharfedale USA’s Facebook post: “The first time ever factory authorized, multiple award winning, Wharfedale Diamond series sale in the USA! Sale runs from Tuesday, November 26th through Cyber Monday, December 2nd.”

I’m sure the Black Friday sale pricing runs throughout Wharfedale’s dealer network, but you can find an easy reference for all the speakers and pricing from the Music Direct link below.

Linn Records – Free Music in December

Although not specific to Black Friday, Linn is giving away free music every day for Christmas every day in December. Downloads are available in the resolution of your choice, including high resolution flac!

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