Meze Audio Adds the RAI SOLO To Their IEM Lineup

Meze Rai Solo IEM

In the eternal battle for mindshare in the universal fit earphone market, Meze Audio out of Romania has recently upped their game with a second set of IEMs for the more budget-friendly market called the RAI SOLO.

I have been consistently wowed by the company’s over-ear models, so there is plenty of potential to get riled up about a new $249 IEM from the R&D department of MEZE. The original high-end RAI Penta entered the market at $1,099 in US dollars, equipped with a triple bore design, hybrid BA/dynamic drivers and CNC’d aluminum chassis. The new RAI SOLO switches things up a bit with its “electrodynamic driver with unified piston motion technology” but holds on to some of the similar casework, this time in a stainless steel shell.

The product landing page holds some interesting tidbits about the driver tech (along with some snazzy animations) which is comprised of a single transducer – compared to the Penta’s five. It’s a proposition that is common for this tier of pricing but also includes the growing standard MMCX detachable cable connections similar to what RHA and others includes in their higher end models.

The included removable wire is an upscale silver-plated copper and even incorporates a surprise hard case included to round out the accessories. The new RAI SOLO just became available this month and can be ordered direct from the Meze International site. | MEZE AUDIO