A New Flagship Arrives – The Woo Audio WA33 Headphone Amplifier

Another Woo amplifier flagship has landed… or pretty close to it. Pre orders are happening, shipping starts in 3 months. The WA33 is priced to be spicy, starting at a wallet thumping $8k (and it goes up from there). Designer Jack Woo intends it to be sturdy, strong enough for it power anything on the market with ease and whisper quiet.

The power supply is stacked (rather than side by side) but gone is the power umbilical cord from the rear panel, replaced now with a custom connection that sits in between the two cases. The two pieces stay together during transportation. Like the company’s WA22 model (and unlike most other Woo models) the WA33 is fully balanced with four KR2A3 power tubes, four 6C45 driver tubes and one 5U4G rectifier tube taking care of the dirty work. Purchase options will offer other updates, and pre outs may be an option, but is not confirmed at this time. The unit on display was still a prototype and still missing some of the labels and badging, but sounded pretty fierce in the relatively quiet listening room shared with Stax in the Atrium 1 room at SoCal CanJam.

Like the rest of Woos attention to detail, the new amp will feature point to point wiring and solid casework. The WA33 is a direct heated triode, class A, output transformer design with switching options for both impedance and gain settings. You can see it all in moving pictures below with Jack himself from the show.

More info: http://wooaudio.com/products/wa33.html