Studio Electric Unveils The F2 Floorstander

Studio Electric F2 Floorstander Feet

It has been a while since Studio Electric loudspeakers popped up on our radar. Our last piece of coverage on designer Dave Macpherson outside of his collaborations with Benchmark Media was way back at an after hours listening session from RMAF 2015.

Dave is still running the game in different capacities. One that found its way into my press-release loaded email box this week is regarding a new floor standing speaker appropriately called the Studio Electric F2 ($6.9k-$8.4k, depending on finish). First seen in prototype form at AXPONA this year, the new F2 is outfitted with both a vented and sealed box design and makes pretty sounds via a 2.5-way design courtesy of a 1″ soft dome tweeter and proprietary HighX woofers.

Studio Electric F2 Speaker

Hoping to build in the momentum from his M4 monitor and more expensive FSX models, the F2 harnesses the power of custom capacitors by ClarityCap and “tight tolerance air core inductors”. Whether paired with Benchmark at an audio show or our late night auctions after-hours, Dave Macpherson is usually capable of delivering engaging tones with competitive pricetags against every product he has his hands in.

While $10k and above is where a lot of the fun begins in high end audio, I’d have to gander a guess that Dave has a little something something entertaining here for the rest of us to experience as well. Always a gracious host and positive force at shows, his design chops appear to follow suit along with his reputation (which also bleeds over from the production side of audio). Orders for the F2 floor stander opened up this week, with shipping expected to start in 3 weeks.

More info: Studio Electric

Back of the F2 by Studio Electric