JH Audio’s New Lola IEM is a Hybrid

While the Kink’s lyrics to Lola may hint at a subject matter that is a little bit of two different things, so goes Jerry Harvey’s newest IEM creation. The Lola combines  dynamic driver technology for the first time with the balanced armature drivers that Jerry is typically known for. But in a very Lola-like manner, there is an twist. Instead of positioning the dynamic driver for bass responsibilities, the JH piece opts for the mids in an effort to provide even more layers of texture, richness and fullness to the frequency segment.

The structure which delivers the dynamic sounds actually holds two 4.9mm drivers bound together on either end of a tube which the team at JH audio is calling D.O.M.E. enclosure technology. Flanking either side of the dynamic mids is a quad series of high BAs and dual lows leading out to a triple bore earpiece. The 8 driver-per-ear Lola will also ship with the inline adjustable bass cable similar to other high end IEMs in the JH line. The earphone rounds out the feature set with the company’s proprietary freqphase phase-alignment tech as well. Jerry let us know that he feels that the Lola is his best sounding earphone to date, even though it’s not his most expensive (the Layla still tops out the line at $2,999). According to the designer, the intent behind the sound a search for a more analog sound, while some of the flagship products maintain a more reference-style approach.

Its an interesting direction for the company against the background of growing IEM variants that span the design globe from exotic materials to tubelessness to vents. Hybrids have typically stayed out of the $2k range of premium customs, so the expansion is surprising if not fully unexpected along an infinite timeline. The universal fit version does take an unusual slight step down in cost from the starting price of $1,745 for customs to the $1,599 mid point. You can of course, personalize the custom mold version to your wildest liking.

Jerry had a stunner of a custom on display at the show courtesy of artist Jeff Parke. This lovely pair was engraved from a surgical grade stainless steal cap mounted to a full carbon fiber ear mold. The level of detail on the artwork was supremely intricate and a nice departure from much of the printed expressions on your typical pair of in-ears.

Interested parties can pre order the Lola on the JH Audio site now, with a expected ship dates of some time in May.

Jerry is always completely mobbed at audio shows, but he was kind enough to site down with us for a spell and take us through the product on camera. Check it all out in the embed below.