A Fostex Headphone Shootout!

Pew pew pew! Its the TH-610 vs. the Massdrop TH-X00 vs. the TH-X00 Ebony. Quite a comparison for the ages. At least the age of 1Q17. Massdrop has had some real successes with their X partnerships and Fostex jumped on board with a semi-sealed offering of their Foster driver – similar to the Denon headphones from days long gone by. We give the full lowdown on two variants of the Massdrop X00 alongside the publicly available 610 from the Fostex lineup in our newest review on PartTimeAudiophile.

You can jump into all the juicy details in the link below, it was quite a ride for a simple headphone enthusiasts such as myself. Hint: the sound is not the same for each headphone. Enjoy.

Review: Fostex TH-610, Massdrop TH-X00, and TH-X00 Ebony

One thought on “A Fostex Headphone Shootout!

  • April 17, 2017 at 1:06 pm

    The same headphone models sound different mostly because driver vagaries and damping/tuning differences. Wire differences. Not due to wood type. Personally? I’ve had bad luck with the physical construction of Fostex phones. While comfortable the single axial pivot point? Breaks! Happened to me twice.


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