Zu Audio, Peachtree: Get The Party Going – RMAF 2017

By Eric Franklin Shook

Rebels each in their own way, this pairing never elicited any doubts that synergy in the audio spectrum wasn’t near tops of the show. Sean Casey’s eclectic tunes and vision of how the presentation part of the chain Zu Audio (www.ZuAudio.com) Dirty Weekend ($1,000 USD during the show) and completely revised Druid ($10,000 USD) was not to be missed. David Solomon’s ability to communicate the passion behind the design of his Peachtree (www.peachtreeaudio.com) Nova 300 ($2,500 USD) integrated amplifier inspired the room to listen forth attentively.

Auditioning digital tracks of various big bands on the Zu Druids and Peachtree Nova 300 was more than worthwhile. Percussion not only had realistic flesh to its tone, but bone to reinforce its weight. So often does the average show going experience give you that taste of bacon, but often without the familiar crunch.

Moving on to more eclectic track selections on vinyl, My Chemical Romance‘s track “Teenagers” albeit not an audiophile approved recording, had more clean bite and muscle than I’ve heard anywhere. Proving to my ear that both amplifier and speaker had adept versatility at bringing to life whatever program material you brought to the table.



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