Audeze Quietly Introduces The LCD-i3, Phases Out The iSine 20

Audeze LCD-i3

Although the outreach wasn’t paraded around with too much fanfare, a quick Facebook post this week let fans of the planar-loving Audeze know that a new “open-back” IEM was coming from the Southern California company.

Refining the lineup, the LCD-i3 now sits just under the flagship LCD-i4 model ($2,495) but above the iSine 10 ($349) and LX ($199) versions for the IEM vertical. The company site now identifies the iSine 20 as sold out, but according to the Facebook post the LCD-i3 is now the successor to the upper mid-tier spot. The proposition for all of Audeze IEMs has always been a unique offering within the field of traditionally “sealed” design in-ears. The planar magnetic driver does occupy a larger space outside the ear than a normal 8-10mm dynamic option would, but reviews have been quite complementary to the open sound and detailed reproduction.

LCD-i3 IEM fin

The main claim to fame for the LCD-i3 is a further refinement to the detail retrieval as well as improved “acoustical tuning”. The upcoming earphone also includes a new external fin attachment to hold the housing in place from the inside of the ear’s concha bowl. To round out the package, Audeze comes packed with a wide variety of connectivity via their CIPHER Lighting cable, a custom BT module and a standard 3.5mm option.

Projected cost for the new piece is $899. Pre orders are up on the LCD-i3 page now, expect shipping to begin August 23rd.