ZMF Headphones Unveils A New Beryllium Flagship – The Closed-Back Verite

ZMF Verite Closed Headphone

There is a lot to say about the newest beast of a headphone coming out of the ZMF camp. Founder Zach Mehrbach has been busy the past few months with his company’s expansive growth and product cycles that never really end in the whirlwind trade that makes up the high fidelity market.

Going closed is always a tricky deal for headphone design, there are a lot more hurdles to overcome in the confined spaces of ear cup cavities. The new Verite promises to build on the solid reputation built by the original Beryllium-coated PEN driver, which we found quite pleasing in our experience with the lineup. The release structure for the new model will deviate from the usual pre-order options of previous lunches, offering just a a single “ready to buy” date of 9/20/19.

Verite C Headband

Production has already ramped up for the event, but a discount of $300 will be available for those who jump on the bandwagon on the first go ’round. According to a post on the forums, those who want to be the very first to get their hands on the newest model can fly out to Rocky Mountain Audiofest in Denver, Colorado (10/6-10/8) and pick up one in person from Mr. Mehrbach himself.

Verite Closed Earcup

Always the connoisseur of interesting woods, Zach has chosen “MonkeyPod” and “Desert Ironwood” as the first two cup options for the Verite Closed. The MonkeyPod will be the first” stock” wood and retail for $2,499 while the special edition Desert Ironwood will cost $2,699. Fans of the rest of ZMF’s (less expensive) headphone lineup will also get some new limited edition options, you can check out the company site for all the details. You can also get a more visual look at the original more-open-back Verite via fancy production video featuring Zach in the embed below.