Mobile Fidelity Electronics Launches Two New Turntables

We first got a glimpse of the new analog products from audiophile music maker Mobile Fidelity at CES a few years back. In addition to two new turntables, the company has been busy producing a whole host of phono-based products to complement the large collection of remastered and reissued recordings they are currently known for.

The centerpiece of the June 28 launch is the StudioDeck ($999) and UltraDeck ($1799) tables. Both are produced in the USA and hit price points that make good sense for both entry level upgrades and seasoned audiophiles looking to get a little more from their collection of spinning black discs overall. From the PR release:

“Both turntables are designed to preserve the complete sound that is found on an Original Master Recording. Standard features include heavy Delrin® platters, HRS-designed anti-vibration feet, an inverted bearing system comprised of an extremely tight tolerance combination of steel, and bronze, as well as the highly adjustable, custom-designed 10-inch gimbaled bearing tonearm.”

As a compliment to the new tables, Mobile Fidelity Electronics has also produced a 3-tier moving magnet cartridge line and a pair of phono pre amps. This includes the UltraPhono ($499) which is equipped with a built-in class A headphone amplifier, analog from end to end.

“It is with great pride that Mobile Fidelity introduces the USA-made Mobile Fidelity Electronics product line of turntables,
tonearms, cartridges, and phono preamplifiers. This achievement is the result of multiple collaborations with several legendary analog hardware designers. The primary goal is to offer a level of quality that is synonymous with the MFSL brand. For example, the phono preamplifier circuits are based on the same ideas originally applied to the MFSL Gain 2™ and Ultra Analog™ mastering chain and the phono cartridges employ a V-Twin Dual Magnet generator that mirrors the design of a lathe’s stereo cutter head.”

Products and pricing:

StudioDeck turntable with 10″ tonearm, 3/4″ Delrin® platter, and weighs 19 lbs –  $999.00

StudioDeck+ includes factory-aligned StudioTracker cartridge – $1149.00

UltraDeck turntable with 10″ tonearm, 1.3″ Delrin® platter, and weighs 23 lbs – $1799.00

UltraDeck+ includes factory-aligned UltraTracker cartridge – $1999.00

StudioTracker MM cartridge with elliptical stylus and grey polymer body – $199.00

UltraTracker MM cartridge with nude elliptical stylus and silver billet 6061 body – $499.00

MasterTracker MM cartridge with Microline™ stylus, Ohno copper coils and grey billet 6061 body – $699.00

StudioPhono MM/MC phono preamp, subsonic filter, and mono mode – $249.00

UltraPhono MM/MC phono preamp, includes built-in Class A headphone amp – $499.00


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