Vegas baby, Vegas – CES 2016


Regional audio shows always bring the thunder, but there is nothing quite like the international CES convention that descends on Las Vegas every year in January.

620x100 AH NOBLE RMAF V2-01

The Venetian houses a massive amount of giant suites converted into listening rooms, and many headphone companies wait until the Nevada show to unveil new product (especially brands from abroad). I am scheduled for a private listening session with [the new $55k Sennheiser Orpheus] so expect some formal feedback on sound post-CES. Another interesting draw unique to this show really lies within the products that land on the fringe of audiophile-dom. I’m not talking about health wearables here (although the size of the convention floor reserved for this category is truly staggering) but innovations in headphone tech, [playback tech] and even wireless connectivity.


So expect a bit more expanded reach of our coverage (especially in the Odds and Ends posts) outside of the norm, but we will still be bringing plenty of the good stuff for your news-hungry eyeballs. Let us know if there is anything specific you want to see and we will make sure to try to make the rounds for some additional coverage.

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  • Folks will be awed by the price of the Sennheiser and slobber the superlatives accordingly. It was built because somebody wanted to be “king”.

    • or queen

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