The Riva Turbo X – CanJam SoCal 2015


The third floor of CanJam SoCal had separate individual listening rooms more akin to a traditional audio show setup. Upon entering the first room attendees were greeted with the solitary scene you see above. Equipped only with a bluetooth speaker at the far end of the room, the Riva Turbo X ($349) did a pretty good job of filling the hotel room with sound all by lonesome self.


The Riva Turbo X is slightly larger than your average bluetooth speaker (think original JamBox from a few years ago). The 9″x 3.5″x4″ case actually houses 7 speakers. There is a center speaker, a side-firing right and left channel and 4 passive speakers (two front, two rear) all bringing the thunder. The device delivers sound courtesy of an ADX audio tech called Trillium. Trilluim also comes in a surround variation that hopes to pair well with more video applications like movies or video games. There is also a “turbo” mode EQ that claims to boost music up to 100 dB when applied.


The little guy is equipped with 45 watts RMS of push to the 3 channel amplifier as well as a microphone for taking calls via a speakerphone experience. Bluetooth connectivity plays well with both aptX and AAC with a 33 ft estimated range.


Perhaps on of the standout feature of the portable device wasn’t the sound, but rather the battery life. The company’s website boasts a full 26+ hours of usage at 75 dB. Full connectivity includes a hardwire 3.5mm input, USB (in) data and charge OUT (for your phone) and a DC adapter charge for the battery. The Riva Turbo is currently available for purchase via the company’s site.

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