The New Riva – RMAF 2015


by Brian Hunter

Riva audio continues to make the rounds in the audio show circuit. Good for them, their presence is a welcome change up from the usual high dollar fare that makes up the rest of the majority of rooms. While the main focus and application of this size speaker is usually bluetooth , Riva is taking strides to further broaden its range of connectivity and source options.

620x100 AH NOBLE RMAF V2-01

Just to recap [from the last show], the original Riva Turbo packs 7 speakers into its casing along with a whopping 26+ hours of battery life. The relatively oversized unit (in terms of travel bluetooth speakers) is DSP heavy with options for video games and movies along with several music settings.


Onboard connectivity isn’t limited to bluetooth however. You can hardwire into the system via 3.5mm inputs and charge your phone with the USB to take advantage of some of that extra big battery. The updated news at RMAF was the Turbo’s newest little brother called the Riva “S”.


The Riva S is slightly more compact and conducive to travel. It is still packed with “7 custom ADX transducers for best in class audio” and still includes an impressive 13+ hours battery. The extra frills on the S start to show real high fidelity thinking on Riva’s part. Two units can be paired together for a stereo setup and more than one person can pair to the device at a time. Anyone who has ever had to fend off that drunk guy with horrible musical taste at a party knows that most bluetooth speakers can only handle one connection at a time, and subsequent interactions can often promptly bump off the previous person at the helm. With the Riva S both parties can connect at once and then place amicable turns in the queue, problem solved. Also noteworthy is an interesting addition to the DSP menu which now includes a phono mode. Its appears that many manufacturers in this middle ground space between the mainstream are keeping a watchful eye on the recent surge in vinyl sales. Regardless of your choice of playback, more options are always welcome in all-in-one solutions like this one. It seems as though bluetooth speakers (the size category at least) is making strides to separate itself from the initial low fidelity stereotypes of its founding fathers. Riva appears to the be forerunner in the race and is capable blazing a quick trail into the minds of those who want something portable (or simple) that just sounds good without all the fuss of more elaborate setups.


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