The new Marantz HD DAC1 and Denon DA 10 – RMAF 2014

Denon Headphone

Rocky Mountain Audiofest was graced with the audio-loving D+M group this year. Perhaps most well known for their home theater applications, both Marantz and Denon brands had a few new tricks up their sleeve to talk about at the show.

While Marantz was still giving attendees the opportunity to check out their new NA 11S1 network streamer we covered [here] at the AXPONA show, the newest updates from the company are actually in personal audio this time around and the introductions start across both brands. For Denon there is another update to the Music Manic headphone line. The new AH-MM400 and AH-MM300 are replacing previous Beats-competitor “D” line. In addition to the new headphones, Denon is tapping into a brand new product category with the release of a companion portable amp/DAC called the DA 10.

Denon P Top

The new DA-10 is due out in January 2015 and will retail for $399. The build felt sturdy and the oversize volume knob allowed for easy adjustment while reducing the potential for an accidental bump. While not as slim as the Oppo HA-2, the 10 appeared to have all the necessary bits and switches to get the job done right including iDevice compatibility, USB for PC and analog line-in connectivity.

Denon Portable side

Denon Portable

Marantz is introducing a swanky new full size headphone amplifier as well. The HD DAC1 is obviously intended for more stationary home listening than the DA 10. The outside construct is very much a page from the Marantz school of design with the standard porthole faceplate, but also features well-implemented wood siding that I found pleasing in and upscale kind of way. The amp will feature a 3 level gain adjustment and DSD playback in addition to iDevice hook ups.

Marantz HD-DAC1


Marantz HD-DAC1 Back

Expect the HD DAC1 to start shipping this month for a retail price of $799. See below for a quick feature set list from the press release.


High quality Headphone amplifier with DAC Mode
2x optical, coaxial and USB type B digital inputs capable of 192kHz/24bit
Native DSD2.8 and 5.6 support
Asynchronous mode
High quality D/A converter CS4398
Jitter remover
Dual Clock
Noise isolation for all digital inputs (USB-A, Optical, Coaxial, USB-B)
Gain control to support wide range of headphones
Fix and variable RCA output
iDevice capable front USB input
Gold plated fix level and variable level RCA output terminals
Available in black


5 thoughts on “The new Marantz HD DAC1 and Denon DA 10 – RMAF 2014

  • So… no bass control on either of these new DAC-Amps. FAIL. Next. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    • No RCA analog inputs on the Marantz. FAIL. Next. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

      • cry me a river. it has mini 3.5 input. It is SOooooo much work to to get a rca to 3.5 mm cable. Esp since plenty of studies have shown ZERO noticeable sound quality drop in rca to 3.5mm. Anyway… the Fostex line and TEAC line have no analog inputs as all… Can you please give a few examples of Digital DSD DAC for under 800$ that have USB and analog imputs.

  • You quibble about no bass control or RCA inputs? Look at all Marantz is offering for the asking price. This is a quality piece of gear.

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