Noble Audio – RMAF 2014

Noble Prestige

Noble Audio could be found at almost every headphone-centric audio show across the country this year. Co-owner Brannan Mason has been sharing the benefits of the company’s diverse product line with a passion, and for good reason. Noble’s Kaiser 10 flagship has quickly gained a wide acceptance among IEM lovers. Brannan’s company is one of the few manufacturers that make IEMs for audiophiles exclusively (as opposed to appealing towards the pro market as well). So far all the cross-country effort seems worth it for the company, so much so that they are now introducing two new variants of the new flagship piece. The first is a universal fit version (great for resell) and the second is the Prestige series that utilizes even more exotic elements to create the IEM from materials other than the traditional acrylic construction. Even with a wide array of CIEM at the show, enthusiasm for the product was so great one head-fier I talked to actually bought two Kaiser 10s, one universal and one custom fit. Check out the video below to get all the details from the show.