The Kingsound Portable Electrostat M-03 System – RMAF 2015


It wasn’t long ago that Kingsound released a few electrostatic headphones designed to bring the technology down from the rafters and into the hands of a more budget-conscious crowd. I was mightily impressed with what I heard from the [KS-H3 and M-1] and now it looks like this forward-thinking company has cracked the code to make the tech even more realistic as a personal listening technology.

The big update here results in a viable jump out of a permanent residence in the home and out into the wild world of portability. The new M-03 ($450) seen above can drive an standard 6 pin electrostatic headphone on the go.

620x100 AH NOBLE RMAF V2-01

The entire package is a testament to the rising tide of mobile compatibility within the high end of personal audio. Kingsound is also offering a new headphone in tandem with the release of the amp. The new H-04 headphone ($900) sports a more ovoid shape than the previous versions but still hangs with the traditional Kingsound look and design aesthetics.


The total package here is just what the technology needs to gain some additional ground in the hobby. Usually reserved for only the very tip top of personal audio, Kingsound’s efforts here are a welcome addition to give more people the chance to actually hear and compare. From my personal experience, electrostatic technology does sound different than both dynamic and planar magnetic options, and more options are good. The experience is unique and engaging, and definitely deserves a fair opportunity to be evaluated for preferences among the growing crowd of consumers. Major props to Kingsound for their efforts here.

You can place pre-orders for the M-03 here, shipping in November: []

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  • The Stax ‘stat was fine middle with light textured top, the bottom of the electrostats have all been wanting. A good ortho and great amp can whip ‘da pants off a stat (IMO).

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