Devialet’s Phantom Implosive Sound Center – RMAF 2015


Devialet’s newest creation is a bit of an odd looking bird as is its use of the term “implosive” to describe its function. The good news is it sounds pretty good and its functionality is off the charts.

Originally released at CES this year, the Phantom ($2,390, Silver Version) is probably the most extensive “all-in-one” package I have come across to date. It packs quite a punch when it comes to both the digital connectivity fare and its sonic delivery.

620x100 AH NOBLE RMAF V2-01

Bare in mind the price above is only for one unit, which may suffice as a super luxury network speaker for the kitchen if you have the extra cash laying around. The setup Devialet had at the show however was actually two Silvers running in stereo bridged by their Dialog add on that allows for quick (less than 20µs) syncing across up to 24 Phantom units. Collections of Phantoms can be arranged in stereo, multi room, and (coming soon) even home theater configurations.


While a single Phantom connects to your mobile devices and home computer for wifi music streaming (it also includes an optical input), a Dialog is necessary for music streaming services and multi speaker listening. So the entire package set up in the 5th Atrium floor of the Marriott would end up costing you around $5,110 without the source. Still, its a conversation starter and in terms of functionality it seems to be raising the bar to the extreme in the wireless loudspeaker category. I shutter to think that somewhere out there an mainstream luxury goods lover is connecting to this beauty of a speaker via Bluetooth, but I’m sure it would still be an amazing experience nonetheless. The mulitroom and free form arrangement option is a cool idea which can all be adjusted along with many other variables from the company’s Spark app.


The product’s website is peppered with tech awards and three letter acronyms to help show off its “high end sound in a little box” mantra but the Silver version does pack a mighty 3,000 watts into a relatively small space. Those looking to save a little bit of scratch can delve into the 750 watt version for $1,990 (pictured above), but given the price difference I would probably throw down the extra cash for the Silver version if you have the physical room for it. You can find all the techy details at the company’s site and even put in an order for delivery if you are so inclined, the company offers a 45 day, risk free trial: