Technics – RMAF 2017

by Rafe Arnott

While there was palpable excitement around turntable manufacture powerhouse Technics possibly showing their new reference TT the SP-10R at RMAF after a prototype was unveiled at the IFA 2017 show in Berlin a couple weeks ago, that quickly dissipated when it was announced just before the Denver show that they wouldn’t be letting North American eyeballs take it in. Luckily they did have the newest iterations of the now venerable SL-1200R, and SL-1200GR on hand, along with the company’s new SC-C70 Premium Ottava all-in-one audio system.

Seems Technics is realizing that while there is still insane analog-driven demand for their 1200-series ‘tables, there is indeed a growing market segment that isn’t playing vinyl. In turn, this same audience wants the convenience of playing everything and hearing everything from one device that can be controlled from their smartphones (lookout Bose).

The SC-C70 not only lets you play CDs (which I’m loving these days), but includes an AM/FM receiver, USB, analog-optical input, Internet radio, Spotify, TIDAL and high-res wireless connectivity via Bluetooth or over wi-fi, AirPlay, and DLNA… a potent mix in one compact unit that features multiple speakers.

Showing with the 1200s in Denver was the Grand Class SU-G700 Stereo Integrated Amplifier, and the all-in-one SU-G30 Network Audio Amplifier with new JENO Engine (Jitter Elimination Noise-Shaping Optimization).

This little integrated is loaded for bear with a MM phono section, a high-current, high-speed FET output driver, Load-Adapted Phase Calibration (LAPC), and a hybrid power supply among many other features that should prove to make it indispensable to many music lovers, and audiophiles who want the the sound chops of a full-size system, without breaking the bank or having to have a lot of space to house their gear (not the mono block crowd).
Speakers on hand were the powerful, accurate, and tonally-rich sounding SB-G90 floormount, three-ways which easily pressurized the room, and gave outstanding support to the rest of this synergistic system.