T.H.E. Show Newport 2013 in 11 Videos

Newport 2013 was packed with many of the same vendors that we have seen in previous years and other shows, but the ever-changing wares they continued to deliver never fails to delight and entertain attendees. This year’s video wrap up starts with an intro from HPSounding’s Michael Mercer on the new dedicated headphone section dubbed the Headphonium. Michael shares with us how the collaboration got started and how personal audio is changing the face of HiFi.

ALO founder Ken Ball takes us through the ins and outs of their new flagship unit called the Studio 6.

HifiMAN brought along the new RE-600 IEMs which include a custom connection that allows for balanced playback via the company’s new [flagship portable player, the HM-901].

Audeze brought along their spectacular line of planar magnetic headphones.

Jason from Schiit Audio had nearly his entire product line on display for attendees to hear and play with.

The new Astell and Kern AK120 flagship player was on display.  iRiver’s newest entry is a step up from the current version, the AK100.

HRT had a big chunk of their product line out for all to see.  From their budget MicroStreamer to the new Music Steamer HD, this wallet-minded company offers good sound at a price that anyone can get into.

A few companies debuted new DAC components across a range of prices.  The one thing they all had in common was the integration of DSD-native playback.  The BMC PureDAC, Antelope Audio Platinum (I think they may be running out of precious metals to name their products after), and the new Benchmark DAC 2 D all accommodated the growing demand for DSD compatibility.  The new Antelope even allows for DSD-upconversion to x256.

Also included in the Benchmark room was a pair of Studio Electric Monitors. These speakers were connected directly the DAC 2 via a power amp, the Benchmark acting as a both a digital converter and a pre amp in the setup.


A special thanks to Bryan Beasley for all his help at the show.

You can check out more of his work here: [www.bryanbeasley.com]