Noble Audio – AXPONA 2016


Noble continues on its innovative edge in the IEM market. AXPONA’s Ear Gear Expo booth showcased a brightly colored display of new aluminum-based universal-fit IEMs that have been recently overhauled in the past few months.


What started with the Kaiser 10U in a move away from acrylic shells, the revised line now features all aluminum caps and composite bodies. The flagship 10-driver-per-side 10U ($1,650) includes the added bonus of an all aluminum body and is still one of the best sellers for the company.

The rest of the line is incrementally well distributed along price groupings and starts with the three BA driver Trident ($399) in a champaign color. Other options include the Savanna ($499), Dulce Bass ($699), Django ($999) and the popular Savant ($599). There were also a few subtle refinements done to the overall feel of some of the pieces, but most of the original signatures and design remain the same as the last generation (as you probably guessed Dulce Bass is a little sweet on the low end).

The company still offers their mainstay of custom IEMs with an unusually wide variety of construction options including standard acrylic, silicone, 3D printed and the top of the bespoke Prestige series. While only the Kaiser 10 and Savant are available in prestige, the one-of-a-kind earphones are crafted from blocks of solid mediums like exotic woods, glass many other forms of aesthetically pleasing patterns and colors. You can check out all the very svelte options here:

Noble’s Brannan Mason gave us a walkthrough the new lineup in a live stream from the EGX show floor which you can see in the embed below.

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