T.H.E. Show Los Angeles – Eddie Current

 I had a great conversation with the guys from Eddie Current.  I think they make a standout headphone amplifier based on solid principals and great build quality.  I have always been a fan of their flagship amplifier the “Balancing Act”.  They brought also brought along the “Super 7” and “Electra” Electrostatic amplifier.  The Balancing Act has one of the most detailed, welcoming sound signatures of any headphone amplifier I have heard.  The sound does come at a price, as you might expect.  If you would like to purchase the Balancing Act you are going to have to separate yourself with around $4k of your hard-earned dollars.  The Super 7 comes in around $2k and shares the same Eddie Current sound signature with slightly less detail and perhaps a bit smaller soundstage, but is still a very very solid amp.  I highly encourage anyone who gets the chance to give them an audition if you really want to hear your music sing.