AXPONA Announces WorldWide Audio Fest

AXPONA WorldWide Audio Fest

Billed as an “Instagram Live Audio Festival for Music Lovers”, Chicago-based audio show AXPONA has decided to take it’s yearly event online in the wake of the recent show closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hitting social channels just next week, the Worldwide Audio Fest by AXPONA will take place June 18-19 and host to over 50 audiophile brands. In a format similar recent music festival efforts to move online, this micro site will serve as schedule and a reference for each time slot. Watchers will be able to click through to each company’s Instagram account from the central hosting location. If you ever wonder what goes on behind your favorite gear’s brand, this event might be an interesting peek behind the curtain to see how your favorites present themselves to a wider public.

As of this posting the current lineup of participants includes:

Accustic Arts
Alta Audio
Andover Audio
Arion Audio
Black Ice Audio
Cambridge Audio
Clarus Audio
Classé Audio
Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems
Danville Signal
Delmark Records
Direct Audio
Eikon Audio
Fidelice Audio
Glenn Poor’s Audio Video
Göbel High End
Goya Acoustics
Grphyon Audio Designs
HIFIMAN Electronics
High Water Sound
Janszen Loudspeaker
Jerry Harvey Audio
Krell Industries
Legacy Audio
Pangea Audio Distributing
Paragon Sight & Sound
Puritan Audio
Stein Music
The Sound Organisation
Verdant Audio
VK Music
Wally Tools
Zavalinka Records
Zesto Audio

You can also sign up for updates for the AXPONA WorldWide Audio Fest on the micro site, the actual event schedule is expected to be up next Tuesday, June 16th. The move online appears to be the way things are shifting in the new “normal”, as in-person events for audio are still robustly cancelled for almost every city though the end of the year. More sometimes reculsive manufacturers, dealers, and retailers are reaching out virtually in order to keep communication alive within the absence of real-world interactions. For some, the curation might provide a deeper draft straight from the source, at least moreso than the required logistics might demand IRL.

More info: WorldWide Audio Fest