SVS Brings The Thunder – RMAF 2017

Its always a good idea to stop by the SVS room at a show. The company has grown its offerings far beyond the subwoofer roots from whence it began. Now exceptionally matured into audiofillia with two full blown speaker lines, the online direct manufacturer knows how to impress and entertain within the confines of a show hotel room.

The sub line currently tops out with a behemoth 16″ sealed or ported ($2k, $2.5k) but the dual subs on display at the show were more the appropriate move given the dimensions of the space. As entertainment, SVS had a live performance of Sting pumping out jams via their Prime Series Floorstanders ($1k/pair) and matching Center ($350). One of the best things about the room is always the restraint shown when delivering the bass. Its there, its slightly big, but never overblown to the point where its either out of place or irritating. It almost always a perfect representation on how to show off bass in the best way possible for a company that sells subs. The response is tight and textured, robust without being overly pushy about the whole affair.

As supporting cast to the arrangement, the Prime Elevation ($200/each) provided surround effects to the theater setup.

Set along the short wall we found ourselves in very familiar show territory. A second setup sporting a pair of the Prime Bookshelves ($250/each) worked into a self-contained PeachTree system for a budget-lovers all-in-one dream – just add source material.

The SVS rumor mill swirled a bit as I took in the tunes against the backdrop of Sting. Suffice to say, SVS is a company that is worth keeping an eye on for the next few quarters. Exciting stuff in this corner of the world.