Stax Releases A New Flagship – The Stax 009S

The website is still fairly patchy on the whole affair, but it appears that STAX has a new flagship headphone that will sit atop the predominant 009 in the electrostatic headphone category. The new SR-009S boasts a “sound element with new fixed electrodes” and while some of the English-version of the Japan-based company website is lost in translation the following does shed some light as to the differences from the previous 9 flagship:

“The SR-009S evolved further the electrode established in the SR-009 as the integration of present technology. The edges of electrode hole were smoothened through after-etching processing to reduce air resistance, and the permeability of sound has been much more improved. Moreover, gold plating processing with large specific gravity further decreased the electrode vibration. Finally, the sound clarity has been achieved by reducing the resistance of electrode itself.”

Regardless of the choice of marketing buzzwords, the original 009 has found a following among premium hifi enthusiasts and the idea of something (even just a little bit better) most likely makes the wallet tingle in many a home tonight. According to the site there will also be a new aluminum chassis design for the 009S along with a new mesh guard on the outside of the ear cup with claims of refreshed smoothness and increased clarity, respectively.

In any case, the news of a new flagship of flagships is perhaps interesting to some, notable to others and mind-blowing to a few. The big question that remains is what the price will release at, no cost was listed on the site as of the posting of this article. A good educated guess would be north of the $4k+ asking price for the current model.