Something New From Woo – The Portable


Visitors to the recent New York show held over this weekend where treated to an extra special helping of portable audio goodness from Woo audio. The company’s designer¬†Jack Woo has already gathered a significant following around his tube-based headphone amplifiers so it was only a matter of time before they made their way into the portable realm.


The new product is fully mobile and still utilizes the tube tech that Woo is known for. The preliminary demo that was on display at the show was still in development with an early phase 3D-printed prototype casing. A more flushed out aluminum chassis should be available by next month’s Rocky Mountain CanJam. Woo let me know that the device can operate in two or three tube configurations and should be ready sometime in 2015. Expect pricing to land somewhere north of $1k. The official name is still TBD.



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