Rocky Mountain AudioFest Here We Come!


Every year in October, just as the leaves start to turn crunchy brown, sunset red and a perfect orange hue, a truckload of high end audio enthusiasts descends upon the humble city of Denver for one of the largest and rocking-ist audio shows of the year. Almost all of the awesome audio press kids come out to play and manufacturers bust out their new wares for 3 days of tunes and tech.


Audio-Head friend, Scot “don’t ask me why there is only one T” Hull of the Part-Time Audiophile has launched a new site called the Audio Traveler dedicated purely to show coverage, which he does in full 360 degree HD, high rez, full flashy color commentary. Audio-Head is partnering with both Part-Time and the Audio Traveler to deliver even more coverage of all the nooks and crannies that I couldn’t possibly get to in three days by myself. will still be bringing you all the highlights and note-worthy sounds of RMAF, but don’t forget to check out the Audio Traveler for more room by room coverage of the entire show.



As usual, RMAF promises to be the launching pad for many new product releases.

Woo has promised a new prototype casing for the upcoming [WA8] that was teased at the New York show.

Mr. Speakers will have the brand new Alpha Dog Prime, which promises a step up from the lovingly accepted, fan-favorite Alpha Dog currently on the market.

Sennheiser will have its new “Beats” challenger called the Urbanite, as well as the Momentum-brand universal IEM.

Noble audio will have the new flagship Kaiser 10, this time in a universal fit as well as the new “Prestige” series ($2,599+) which involves custom-made, one-of-kind materials include wood and carbon glass. See here for full list of new materials:

RHA will be debuting the T10i universal fit IEM which houses one dynamic driver per side and adjustable driver tuning filters designed for different styles of music.

Hit us up on social media or on the site here if there is anything you want to see or hear from and we will do our best to get to it all!