Selah Audio, D-Sonic – Lone Star Audio Fest 2019

Selah Audio and D-Sonic From Lone Star Audio Fest 2019

I traveled over a thousand miles to Dallas, Texas just to see and hear Selah Audio loudspeakers, when I’ve known their production headquarters is located less than thirty miles from my home in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Selah Audio loudspeakers are as much art as they are fun and musical pieces of technology, the pictures and words I present do an unsatisfactory justice the Selah Audio loudspeakers I’ve now seen and heard. Starting with the Ritorno Monitors ($2,295 pr USD), each being a two-way loudspeaker fitted with 8-inch SB Acoustics ceramic cone woofer, and a BZ Labs ribbon/planar tweeter. The finishing and cabinet work on these beauties that Rick Craig brought to this year’s Lone Star Audio Fest earn my vote for the prettiest girls at the ball. The large stand-mount speakers are finished in exotic cypress veneers and are equally gorgeous as they are gargantuan.

Selah Audio Loudspeaker

Though these “bookshelf” speakers only occupy the footprint of a large tower speaker, photographs of them do not convey their awesome girth. Definitely on my short list of loudspeakers to revisit soon. Based out of my home state in North Carolina, Selah Audio founder Rick Craig has nearly two decades of high-end speaker design and manufacturing under his belt. The other belles of the ball, were the Omaggion Line Array Loudspeakers ($11,995 pr USD) which feature ten mid-bass drivers, and twenty soft dome tweeters.

When it came to powering the system, it was a stack D-Sonic amplifiers lighting the way. D-Sonic is a Sugar Land, Texas company founded in 2006 that specializes in seriously high-power Class-D amplifiers. Their products range from the simple stereo or mono configurations, but also include production ready multi-channel models from three, five, and seven channels. If that weren’t enough, D-Sonic will also custom create a multi-channel amplifier is perhaps four is more your liking, or maybe seven channels isn’t enough.

By Eric Shook

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