A Schiit Thunderdome, 4 New Preamps – Saga S, Saga +, Freya S, Freya +

Schiit Freya +

The latest update from California’s Schiit Audio comes in the form of four new pre amps, all simultaneously released in a Mad Max-style brawl to the death. The new Freya and Saga preamplifiers could very well be a limited edition release… or they could continue on to live a long life in the product cycle, only time (and likely sales figures) will tell.

The two tiers are primarily separated by balanced capabilities and then further defined by the use of tube or solid state, “S” for latter and “+” for the former. From Schiit’s co-founder Jason Stoddard, “This may seem like a lot of preamps. But, taken together, they provide a wide range of options at affordable prices for people looking for either tube or solid-state preamps. And, since we’re selling them under the Product Thunderdome model, we’ll find out exactly what people like—and continue making only what they like. This allows us to have some fun doing variations that nobody may ever have seen. For example, we probably would have never done solid-state preamps without Thunderdome. Now, with two solid-state preamps in the line, we’ll see what people really want.”

Schiit Saga S

The price range starts at a meager $299 for the Saga S and stretches up to the tube-based Freya+ at $899. The new Freya is an update from the current (now discontinued) model, incorporating complete power down of tubes, a motorized potentiometer and new differential buffer stage. A higher end 64-step relay stepped attenuator is included with both Saga editions as well, something that Schiit appears proud to offer at the $299 pricepoint.

All preamplifiers are currently up for sale on the Schiit site, as the battle has already begun. Pricing: Saga S $299, Saga+ $399, Freya S $599, Freya + $899.

More info: https://www.schiit.com/products/

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