Schiit Audio Ups Their EQ Game With The 6 Band, Balanced Lokius

Schiit Lokius EQ

Building upon the steam created by their popular budget Loki Mini+ EQ, Schiit Audio announced the launch of a new Lokius today. The more Loki-er product now sports 6 bands of adjustable EQ (up from 4) and a heavily requested connection option of balanced XLR in the back as well.

More from the press release:

“When we introduced Loki Mini, we envisioned a family of tone control products,” said Jason Stoddard, Schiit Audio’s Co-founder. “Lokius is the first addition to the family. Now, we can accommodate both balanced and single-ended inputs, in a form factor that matches a wide range of our 9” wide products, and is easy to integrate into any system.”
Lokius offers a very low noise floor and sonically transparent performance, thanks to its single discrete, current-feedback gain stage driven by a two-stage discrete, load-invariant superbuffer, coupled with inductor-capacitor and gyrator-capacitor filters.
“Lokius isn’t like other equalizers,” said Jason. “It’s not like a surgical software equalizer, or a bank of 31 constant-Q tone stacks per channel. It’s intended to be easy to use and transparent, to allow broad adjustments of poor recordings or imperfect systems—or simply so the owner can adjust the sound to their liking.”
Extremely high quality components are used throughout in Lokius, from Wima and Panasonic film capacitors, to 0.5% thin-film resistors, to a two-stage regulated power supply with broadband noise filtering, and Neutrik balanced connectors for input and output.
Lokius is entirely DC-coupled throughout, and offers a completely transparent bypass switch that connects the inputs and outputs together with a relay—no active components in the signal path at all.
Lokius was designed in California and built in Texas, with the vast majority of cost going to US companies making parts in the USA. Schiit’s chassis are produced at a partner in California, and its PCBs come from Nevada, California, or Utah. Schiit maintains production facilities in Valencia, CA and Corpus Christi, TX

The Schiit Lokius is available as of today via the company’s direct to consumer site and retails for $299.

More info: Schiit Lokius

Schiit Audio Lokius EQ back with XLR connections