Ryan Speakers, Auralic and Sweet, Sweet Sound – AXPONA 2019

Ryan Speakers

From an audio press perspective, a Ryan Speakers + Auralic room is always a comfortable stop. The brothers Ryan (there are at least two of them involved in the audio business) are always supremely hospitable and the even have the complimentary component list sheet in hand. Add to that the room isn’t overrun by gear or aesthetic fillers (which allows for all manner of fun photography arrangements) and you have a situation is always primed for the best possible output.

From a listening standpoint, the room is equally compelling. Very few others conjure up such a sweet sound at both the collective asking price and collective small space needed to implement. The presence of the standmount S610 ($3995) just feels appropriate set up along the long edge of the room. Married to the Auralic ARIES G1 Wireless Streaming Bridge ($2.5k) and VEGA G1 Digital Audio Processor ($4k) we reviewed as a source, a cover of Adele’s Someone Like You by Ariel Pocock provided a vivid picture of female vocals. Spacing, image and the like all fell in line to construct a beautiful portrait of the studio performance.

Auralic VEGA and Aries

For those looking for that “next step up” after collecting a set of entry level $1k components, this is the direction you should be looking. Both responsive dynamics and that fine audiophile polish can found is spades around parts like this. This could be considered even more impressive given the inclusion of Vincent Audio’s range of SA 32 Hybrid Stereo Pre ($995) and SP 332 Hybrid Amp ($1,995).

The new S-Series from Ryan has been in the works for some time. The two-way S610 on display at the AXPONA audio show in Chicago is joined by the S640 ($7995/pair) and S840 ($9995) 3-way floor standers to round out the lineup. All three models include the use of a chambered beryllium dome tweeter laminated Nomex cones.

While the G2 VEGA and ARIES from Auralic may steal the limelight at many audio shows, most the internal bits and boops are shared with their G1 brethren. In review, we found the G1 VEGA to be a sophisticated step forward from the previous generation, and its influence here was do doubt felt as well. One of my favorite stops at the show, not only for its accessibility but as a general, all-around room. There was an amazing feats of flexibility present, in terms of both music playback and purchasing prowess.

More info: Ryan Speakers | Auralic