Reid Heath Acoustics – RMAF 2016


Things are starting to heat up for RHA as they begin their final march towards the November launch date of a new portable DAC/Amp appropriately called Dacamp L1. The little-decoder-that-can will retail for $549.95 and is packed to the gills with a hearty feature set and plenty of modern amenities.


Not unlike Astell and Kern’s high end players, the L1 takes on audio responsibilities with two dedicated DACs, one per stereo channel (ES9018K2M in this case). Even more, they offer dual mono amplification in class A/B. The entire package talks easy with any iOS, Android or Mac and its 10 hour battery can even charge your phone.


Marketing manager Iain Smith took us through the new products which included two new IEMs at RMAF. The CL750 ($139.95) which includes “the CL Dynamic ultra-wideband transducer… engineered for control, accuracy and high purity sound reproduction over an extended frequency range” and a new ceramic-driver CL1 that takes a stab at a near $500 pricepoint – a first for the company typically known for IEMs under $200. The CL1 produces its sweet sounds from a “dual transducer configuration” with a crossover point at 8kHz for the ceramic plate driver and a dynamic transducer holding down the mids and lows. The CL1 also includes a cable option that fits the mini 4 pin balanced XLR connection of the L1 via a sMMCX connection at the earphone. Both the new IEMs are due out in November along with the Dacamp. You can check out all the goodies from the show in talking pictures below.

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 Photo and video credit: John Darko