“It’s a Walk Off” – A Photo Shootout

Sean Casey

We always enjoy the camaraderie of our sister site PartTimeAudiophile and its writers. And like any sibling we also enjoy a bit of friendly competition should the opportunity arise. Today marks the dawn of the 1st photo smack down between the artful Scot Hull and Rafe Arnott of PTA and yours truly. The object of said competition? The lovely Zu Audio Druid and Soul Supreme in “Ruby Obsession” from the Zu room at this weekend’s Newport audio show. You can check out Rafe’s impressions from the space decked out in Pass Labs gear [here]. There is a friendly wager involved so raise your flag and make sure you opinion is tallied and may the best image-taker emerge victorious!


Time for a photo smackdown.

We have three photos of two different [Zu Audio] loudspeakers, the Druid and the Soul Supreme, that were shown at T.H.E. Show at Newport Beach in 2016 sporting an extra-special finish called Ruby Obsession — and win glory. That finish, which adds considerably to the overall cost of the speakers, is visually magnetic. In ambient light, the finish is a dark, lustrous red. But shine a light on it, and BOOM — diamonds.

Head over to [PartTimeAudiophile] and cast your vote! Who’s image has got the spinach? Who’s photo is going to win the kimono? Only you can decide!

Vote here: https://parttimeaudiophile.com/2016/06/08/ruby-obsession-zu-audio-showoff/