Noble Intros Two New IEMs – Sage & Kaiser Encore


Things don’t slow down very often for the California-based Noble Audio. New universal-fit IEMs seem to spring forth from the company on a regular cycle, each with new flair, colors and driver configurations. The newest members to join the ranks are actually replacements for two of Noble’s top performers, the popular and long-running flagship K10 and the mid-tier Savant.



Both IEMs feature new proprietary balanced armature drivers that are designed to Noble’s specs, a significant deviation from many off-the-shelf Knowles designs that currently dominate the market in both custom and universal fit configurations.

The flagship replacement is called the Kaiser Encore and features 10 drivers per side for a healthy $1,850 USD. The classic red has been replaced with a blue hue on the outer shell but retains the updated form factor for the machined aluminum housing from the recent revision across the universal product line. The new Kaiser is also available in a custom fit acrylic shell for the same price as well as Noble’s premium exotic-material Prestige variant (starting at $2,799).

The replacement for the Savant is named Sage and features two drivers per side for $599, making it the lowest cost IEM from Noble that houses the new proprietary drivers. A few more updates have been hashed out for the new addition to the family, from the press release:

“The vented bass port of the low frequency driver has been repositioned and the aperture increased. The result is increased low-end extension with greater texture, plus a slight lift in overall bass response. The proprietary balanced-armature drivers also bring increased clarity with greater imaging accuracy and enhanced spatial representation.”

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