Endow Audio: “From The Outer Limits”, along with VAC, and Hegel – CAF 2019

Endow Audio along with VAC, and Hegel - CAF 2019 - Capital Audiofest 2019

Endow Audio is gathering much attention for their unique sound that mimics the live sound experience, but also for their unique Point-Array driver loading design. The space-faring meteor looking thing in the middle, with nine visible drivers is that point array.

The carbon composite 3-D printed Point-Array technology is the heart of the Endow Audio FS301 loudspeaker. The array positions driver to emulate a true point source. Using nine 3-inch drivers, in three array-positions: center (front facing) position, middle (inward facing) position, and outer (side facing) position.

Each of the three positions of the array are driven uniquely, dependent on where they are located on the array-hemisphere. This is to mimic a true point source, with an incredibly wide dispersion pattern. It’s this loading and output style that portrays music with the live sound. As you might guess, the sweet spot is really large, and changes little off axis.

Hidden behind the visible nine-driver array is an 8-inch driver that is enclosed with the array to transfer energy and extend the array’s frequency response down to 100hz, where then the 12-inch (visible) lower bass driver takes over. The rear-wave of the 8-inch driver is captured by a sealed enclosure, so the only effect of the front-way of the 8-inch driver is heard by mechanical transfer through the nine-driver array.

Electronically, all stereo music signals are handled by an Endow Audio Passive Signal Processor, which creates a unique signal for all ten drivers (3-inch visible, 8-inch hidden) of the point-array, along with the 12-inch lower bass channel.

Finishing on the Endow Audio loudspeaker is top-notch, and classically modern. The front facing baffle is available with walnut veneer or in piano black lacquer. The rear of all enclosures is a finely stitched leather wrap. Driver grills (or cages) are removable and included. The Endow Audio FS301 retails for ($44,000 pr USD) and is made in the USA.

by Eric Franklin Shook