MrSpeakers Changes Name To Dan Clark Audio, Releases Two New Headphones

MrSpeakers is now Dan Clark Audio

Dan Clark of MrSpeakers did originally make speakers, but recent years has seen more successes in the personal audio space than traditional two channel. A PR release dropped this week notifying all the in realm that a rebranding was taking place for the company based out of San Diego, also to coincide with the launch of two new options for a new generation of Aeon headphones.

Aeon 2 by Dan Clark Audio

The new facelift is aptly called Dan Clark Audio and headphone will come in both open and closed back designs. Often referred to a “closed headphone that sounds like an open” the smaller closed Aeon model is one of the company’s biggest sellers. New models will come to market at a retail for $899 along with a few updates over the previous gen. Dan commented: “The AEON Flow is one of the most successful and well-reviewed headphones at its price, but that doesn’t mean we are going to sit back and treat it as a finished project,”

Always striving for both sound quality and comfort, the new Aeon 2 offers up thicker ear pads, a foldable design and a 325g weight. There is a new motor assembly which includes trickle down technologies from his Ether 2 flagship. Portability is also promises an uptick with smaller overall case size.

Interested parties can find the direct-to-consumer website here, also available from Dan Clark Audio’s dealer network.