Moon Audio’s New 225W Behemoth 860a v2 Amp – RMAF 2019

The Moon by SimAudio 860a v2 power amplifier from RMAF 2019.

While Moon Audio’s newest announcement might not be as large-and-in-charge as the flagship 888 announced at CES in 2017, the new 860a v2 is no slouch at 225w (into 8 ohms) and an asking price of a cool $18k.

At RMAF last week a media crowd gathered around a production model version of the 860a v2 with the lid kindly removed. Amid the rampant click of camera shutters, information was laid out on the newest edition to the family which boasts a balanced differential dual mono design with trickle down tech from the mighty 888 statement. The stereo power amp also features custom transistors, zero-global feedback topology and 750W of thrust in monaural mode.

There are also even more capacitors than before, with boards mirrored on both sides of the internal design and mounted directly to the infrastructure for maximum heat dissipation. Aside from the previously mentioned 888, it has been 9 years since the company has released a new power amp into the wild.

Temperature control is central to the design of the new unit, which leads the way into the core of the dual mono pathway. According the representative at Rocky Mountain Audiofest, a lot of thought went into the entire remodel – all the way down to the specialized material selection and manufacturing process for the critical aluminum heat sinks.

The Moon Audio 860a v2 is made in Canada eh! (including the casework) and is available starting this week via the company’s dealer network.