Michael Fremer and Bes Nievera To Host AXPONA Livestream on Friday

Michael Fremer and Bes Nievera To Host AXPONA Livestream on Friday

In the wake of the Corona Virus stay-at-home orders, several audio events are exploring different methods of outreach to keep things connected, alive and moving for the audio industry. On what would have been the first day of AXPONA this year, Chicago’s big expo will be partnering with Stereophile and Music Direct to bring some of that audio show experience to audiophiles via a live stream.

This Friday morning, April 17 at 10am Central, AXPONA will stream a show featuring a slew of hifi manufacturers hosted by Bes Nievera of Music Direct and Michael Fremer from Stereophile. It’s a chance to reconnect and see what your favorite brands are up to during these unusual times. The whole event will go down on AXPONA’s Facebook Page so bring some friendly banter with you if you like, the livestream should have a running comment section.

According to the website, the list of vendors currently participating includes Alta Audio, Andover Audio, AudioQuest, Aurender, Bluesound, Cardas Audio, Daedalus Audio, Eikon Audio, Emotiva, Focal Naim America, Harman International, HiFi Man, J-Corder Luxury Audio, Kimber Kable, Krell Industries , Legacy Audio, Manley Laboratories, Nordost, Pangea Audio, Pro-ject, PS Audio, Pure Audio Project, Qobuz, Vandersteen Audio, YG Acoustics, and Zesto Audio.

The actual AXPONA IRL has been rescheduled for August 7-9 at the same Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center location.

And if you don’t have plans for April 24, our sister site PartTimeAudiophlie will be hosting a stream to a live concert at 9pm eastern. From the PTA post:

“Gary Levinson, joined his wife, the concert pianist Baya Kakouberi, and present a selection of incredible pieces for violin and piano. The performance has been recorded with state-of-the-art techniques and will feature a three-hundred-year-old Stradivarius violin! After the performance, Gary will be joined by James Connell, recording engineer, and loudspeaker designer for Raven Audio, for stories about some of the most famous classical musicians of our generation, tube amps and loudspeakers, and that amazing Stradivarius instrument.”

More info: AXPONA | PartTimeAudiophile