A New Razz Horn Speaker Debuts From Volti Audio

Volti Audio Razz Horn Loudspeaker

Volti Audio has been know to produce a solid horn-based speaker or two. In addition to the Vittora, we personally got a chance to hear the Rival SE at the Florida Audio Show earlier this year. The results were impressive, especially considering this isn’t one of those more “theoretical” hifi brands from the upper end of the show. While the flagship pieces sit close to the high end of the enthusiast market, the average man can get a taste of Volti high sensitivity horn audio as well. Expanding on the Rival’s affordability, the newest Volti Audio Razz speaker released into the wild will start at just $5k/pair.

The Volti Audio Razz is a three way speaker design with a 12″ woofer in a bass reflex configuration. Midrange is controlled by a compression driver horn as is the neodymium horn tweeter. In total the sensitivity boils down to 97dB for the speaker. It’s a whole lot of traditional audiophile sensibilities with plenty of leeway for tube watt amplification.

If the $10k Rival is any indication of what designer Greg Roberts is capable of at a lower price point, then the Razz might just be the berry for incoming audio lovers looking to explore the wide world of horn technologies. The final product here is a statement of sorts, 90 lbs each and 15″ width is some serious clout for big sound.

Like many of Roberts’ creations, the Volti Audio Razz is available in multiple veneer options. Options start at the aforementioned $5k, with premium options (including upgraded grills) starting at $6k.

More info: Volti Audio

Specs from the press release:

12” high-power and high-sensitivity woofer – bass reflex configuration, ported
Large midrange horn with a 2” throat and a shallow wide-dispersion design
High quality 2” outlet midrange compression driver with a composite diaphragm
High quality neodymium horn tweeter
Custom made crossovers featuring high quality components, all hand-wired
Bi-wire at the input terminals
Sensitivity: 97db
Recommended amplifier power: 8wpc (min.), 80wpc continuous (max.)
Bandwidth: 35Hz – 20kHz
Nominal Impedance: 6ohm (connect to 8oh taps)
Dimensions: 40” tall, 15” wide and 12” deep
Weight: 90 lbs. each