KEF’s Los Angeles PopUp Store

Pop up stores happen for all kinds of reasons, sometimes its a Kardashian cosmetic product in your local mall, but SOMETIMES its a super cool art gallery off of Fairfax in Los Angeles loaded with top shelf KEF gear. The Seventh Letter gallery is hosting a deadmau5 store of such caliber packed with not one, but two pairs of the flagship KEF blades today (4/28) and tomorrow.

The line was fairly long to get enter, but once inside attendees were greeted with a surprisingly solid presentation of deadmau5 tracks given the large, tall-ceiling room that could have been much more difficult to manage. The internal bracing behind cabinets of the blade offer up little to no external vibration. I’ve seen a KEF demo where a nickel is balanced on its edge on the top of the unit while music played before, but this was the first time I was able to lay my hand on one playing music with deep bass. Again, little to no vibration, even directly around the bass driver area. The low end presentation overall was shockingly tight through the blades, no doubt helped along in proper fashion by a set of huge Hegel amplifiers hidden just behind the black demo pair inside. One white pair of blades also pointed outward towards the street, where fans of the artist waited patiently for the man in the big mask to arrive for a mid-day signing session.

Dipin Sehdev and Johan Coorg from KEF made the quick trip out directly from the AXPONA show to host and setup. The branded “lots of stuff in a store” venue was packed with street-style artwork and plenty to purchase for any deadmau5 fan. There was also a charity element to the show, those interested in helping WIN (a NY charity that helps homeless women get back on their feet) can donate to be entered for a chance to win a custom mau5head painted by Ron English and signed by both deadmau5 and Ron.

You can check it all out at the website here:

If you live in the Los Angeles area its an interesting setting to see the blades, a far cry from the sometimes stuffy rooms of audio shows. If your a fan of deadmau5, then there is no question you need to get down to the Seventh Letter gallery pronto.

3 thoughts on “KEF’s Los Angeles PopUp Store

  • Only in Los Angeles… The second pic from the bottom. Is that an Apogee Scintilla off to the right?

  • This is my neighborhood. Most people have not much left after paying their 3k/mo tiny-safe-space rent.. but maybe some will come down from the hills when they see ‘the massive queue’ out front. Or maybe the locals just end up buying hand painted shoes for 1/20th the price of the blades.

  • I love my LS50s.

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