Jomo Audio Launches New Gaming UIEM – CanJam SoCal 2019

Jomo Audio

A headphone which launched in Hong Kong a little over two months ago, Jomo Audio’s new UIEM Game Raider (estimated near $500 USD) is the world’s first (U)IEM made specifically for the mobile gaming and console E-Sports market. The Game Raider UIEM is designed around a “large” balanced armature driver, mated to a 10mm dynamic driver, and featuring a 3D-printed acoustical structure inside.

One might ask… why? And the answer is actually quite intuitive. Professional gaming can go on for hours at a time, pushing the tension of competition to its highest tolerances of both physical and emotional limits.  The heat generated from gaming is at its greatest when sweating the competition. So the real question is “why wear hot and bulky headphones when you don’t have to? The idea of a gaming IEM that offers a near sweatless wear and lighter weight construction, while providing all of the spatial awareness and detail needed for gaming, means that gaming IEM’s should have been the answer to the fatigue associated with E-Sports from the start.

The Game Raider UIEM design idea was tested with professional gamers before it’s ultimate creation and launch in Hong Kong. Needless to say, the pro-gaming community played a part in making this headphone a reality. Just after the Hong Kong show release of the Game Raider UIEM, a few Asian region E-Sports teams signed on to wear Jomo Audio Game Raiders in all E-Sports exhibitions. A custom fit version is currently also available for the Game Raider.

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